Qualifying as a home health care aide doesn’t require a nursing license or years of training and schooling. Fortunately too, there are often positions available for home health care aide jobs. Basic understanding of infection control and collecting vital signs information about patients is critical to the position. Some medical understanding is important.

  • Knowing how to accurately take pulse.
  • Checking temperature using a rectal thermometer, oral or axillary with a digital thermometer.
  • Checking and monitoring blood pressure.
  • Counting respirations.

Other skills are also key in helping patients stay healthy without requiring a medical background. Services that can be offered to help keep your home care patients in good health include cleaning and caring for their hygiene. Some patients will be unable to clean themselves and it is imperative for home health care aides to provide them with cleanliness. Aids should be able to perform the following tasks with comfort and compassion, making sure clients are as comfortable as possible at all times:

  • Bathing clients in the appropriate location (bed with sponge, tub, or shower)
  • Helping with transferring as the client needs.
  • Making sure water temperature is appropriate.
  • Shampooing and conditioning hair and rinsing.
  • Washing and rinsing thoroughly.
  • Drying skin is dried thoroughly.
  • Combing and drying hair.
  • Trimming, filing, cleaning and keeping nails at a healthy length. Specially caring for diabetics’ hands and feet to ensure nails are never trimmed.
  • Making sure skin is properly moisturized.
  • Massaging reddened areas and joints with lotion.
  • Caring for dentures and oral hygiene through brushing teeth if needed, rinsing mouth and notes any sores in the mouth.

Check the job listings at Mission Medstaff for home health care jobs available in the Charlotte area. There is an online employment application as well as contact information for questions about the positions available.