Coming home after a major surgery or spending time in the hospital due to illness can be a difficult transition for some. Remembering to take medication, getting dressed, and bathing can all be challenging tasks, especially for the elderly. At Mission Medstaff, it is our mission to provide compassionate home health care to residents in Charlotte and the surrounding area. We have a dedicated and skilled nursing team that can help with any activity of daily living (ADL).

For those that are confined to their home due to an injury or illness, it can be beneficial to have someone there to help maintain a daily routine. ADLs such as bathing, dressing, and going to the bathroom can become easier for a person that’s recovering, if they have someone to help them. If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair and has to transfer from bed to chair, or chair to sofa, it’s imperative that you have someone there to help you move between the two. If there are injection or surgery scars that need to be attended to, our nurses can help keep the areas clean and free of infection.

If you’re searching for home health care in the Charlotte area, contact Mission Medstaff today. Our caring staff will connect you with a home nurse or healthcare aide that can help you with ADLs and any other necessary tasks. We offer care for both adults and children, so if you have a need for pediatric care, we can help you as well.