For many diabetics, the task of properly managing their blood sugar levels can be quite difficult. Factor in other aspects such as diet, physical activity and age, and you have an involved need for medical assistance. Mission Medstaff offers top-quality home health care services to the Charlotte area and is your source for premium assistance to ensure that you have your independence while still remaining in good health. We offer adult and pediatric home care 24/7 to ensure that all of our patients receive the help they need in a professional, timely manner. Mission Medstaff strives to provide people with the services they need in order to gain the most enjoyment possible from life.

How Can We Help?

Our trained, certified home health nurses and certified nursing assistants are on staff to provide a comprehensive program that can help you manage your diabetes, including:

  • Education: We’ll do everything to keep you educated and informed on your diseases in order to provide more tools for property blood sugar management. If knowing is half of the battle, we’ll make sure you as a patient are in the know.
  • Nutrition: A major part of success in keeping the risk of complications low is through proper diet management. Our staff will work with you to maintain a nutrition plan that will maximize the chances of maintaining proper blood sugar levels.
  • Level monitoring: From the amount of sugar in the blood to the ketones in urine, our staff will work diligently to test and manage your diabetes with you. Checking and double-checking are vital for living with diabetes.
  • Administering medicine: Whether you’re in need of syringe injections or a pill, Mission Medstaff will be ready to assist. Our pediatric and adult home care professionals will provide accurate levels of medication to ensure that everything is done correctly.
  • Health checkups: We’ll conduct checkups whenever your health is in question or as directed by your physician. These sessions can include checking the blood and urine for any inconsistencies as well as inspecting your extremities for nerve damage.

How Do You Benefit?

Beyond helping people retain their freedom and privacy, our at-home care services also create several favorable outcomes. Having a comprehensive care plan in place can help to mitigate many of the unenjoyable complications resulting from improper diabetic care. With the right medication, nutrition, and education, our patients will see an improved quality of life. Another goal of ours is to reduce the frequency of hospitalization. Our team will strive to prevent emergency visits as often as possible and keep you in the comfort of your home. Mission Medstaff’s team of qualified individuals will work to keep you happy and healthy!

According to the CDC, there were an estimated 29.1 million people living in our country with diabetes. This number is expected to rise. People with chronic diabetes, wounds, or evident complications can fully benefit from our top-quality home health care services in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Mission Medstaff is ready to provide these services in order to exceed your high expectations. Our goal? Restore your quality of life. Contact us today to see how we can accomplish this task!