For many people, the process of undergoing an organ transplantation is a scary journey. From bleeding complications to organ rejection and more, there are a lot of risks that require special attention in order to minimize the hazards. You or your loved one can benefit from utilizing a professional home health nurse for assistance. Mission Medstaff is proud to offer quality pediatric and adult home care services to help patients regain their health and get their lives back on track. As a provider of Top Rated Local® in-home health care to Greensboro and beyond, our team of skilled nurses is able to refine our practices in order to deliver a customized, comprehensive care plan. No matter what care you need, from cardiovascular care to diabetic assistance and more, Mission Medstaff is here to help in every capacity possible.

Today, we’ll discuss the value of our at-home care for organ transplant recipients by discussing a few key areas that need attention in order to minimize infection risks. After a successful organ transplantation, most patients are prescribed a regimen of immunosuppressants in order suppress their body’s immune system with the goal of reducing the chances that their body will reject the organ. While anti-rejection drugs are invaluable for increasing your odds of success, the lack of immune system, coupled with the consequences of the invasive procedure that you have undergone, create an opportune environment for infections to thrive.

Airborne Infections

Respiratory inhalation of spores or organisms can lead to infection, greatly impacting the patient’s overall health during this critical period. Environmental and human contact hazards create a scenario that will require much attention in order to be properly addressed. Your in-home care plan will help to cover the environmental risks within your home as well as possible factors in your daily routine. Many patients will recover to the point that they can return to work, which for employees with occupational hazards including aerosolized organisms, will create a risky environment. Fungal spores are also irritants that can raise your likelihood of infection. Our pediatric and adult home care services are tailored to assist.

Waterborne Infections

The ingestion of water, whether inadvertently through activities or through hydration of drinking water, can create a host of issues for organ recipients with a suppressed immune system. One particular issue comes from microscopic parasites that can dwell within the intestine, causing gastrointestinal and respiratory issues for the host. Patients prescribed immunosuppressants will have a hard time defending against this organism, creating a strong need for a quality water supply throughout the process.

Food Concerns

Proper food preparation and storage practices need to be upheld as often as possible after an organ transplantation. From hepatitis A to E. coli, the reach of foodborne infections can be vast and debilitating. It is very beneficial to hire a team of home health care experts to assist in food-related matters. Patients will also need to keep a close watch on recall notices in their area, as an outbreak of parasites will be hard to defend against if consumed. Mission Medstaff’s expert care team will be able to assist with proper food techniques to optimize your defense against foodborne illnesses.

Direct Contact

One of the biggest risk factors in your fight against infections comes from direct contact with contaminated people or objects. While we cannot fully protect against transference of organisms through contact with everything in your vicinity, measures can be taken to lessen the risk. Properly washing your hands, for example, will do much to remove an infection’s easiest entrance. Every aspect of the patient’s life will need to be analyzed to determine the risk factors associated with that each area. From tattoo parlors to your home garden, nearly every person and fomite represent a danger. It’s beneficial to hire an in-home care team to create a procedure and follow through with proper techniques.

Undergoing a transplant can be a lifesaving procedure. It can also inherently include a variety of risk factors that will require special attention in order to maximize the chance of success. From your pets to your weekend hobbies, there are more areas that we have not yet discussed. Mission Medstaff is here to provide optimal home health care to Greensboro, Charlotte, and beyond to give our patients the ability to improve their health while retaining their independence. Contact us today to learn more!