1. Benefits of Working in Home Health Care Jobs

    Here are only four of the many benefits of working in a home health care job: Show others kindness. Working as a home health care nurse, you have the opportunity each and every day to show kindness to others. Some of the patients you will work with need the kindness you have to offer. Have a flexible work schedule. Many people enjoy the freedom of a flexible work schedule. Setting one’s own hour…Read More

  2. A Few Skills of Home Health Care Aides

    Qualifying as a home health care aide doesn’t require a nursing license or years of training and schooling. Fortunately too, there are often positions available for home health care aide jobs. Basic understanding of infection control and collecting vital signs information about patients is critical to the position. Some medical understanding is important. Knowing how to accurately take pulse. Ch…Read More

  3. Know your Child will Have Great Home Health Care

    Children with medically fragile conditions require home health care to maintain their health and provide stability and monitoring. Care for congenital disorders, respiratory dysfunctions, gastrointestinal disorders and more is provided through quality home health agencies. It is vital to keep your child in good health, especially when they suffer from a medical disorder or condition. They should b…Read More

  4. 12 Questions to Ask When Hiring Home Health Care Agency for your Child

    Your child is an important member of your family and finding the right home health care agency who will help you care for your child in the way he or she needs is critical. Here are some questions to consider when looking for the right pediatric home care. Does the home health care agency do background checks on their staff, and how thorough are the background checks? Does the agency communicate w…Read More

  5. 7 Benefits of Home Health Care Jobs

    Caring for people and their medical needs has been a passion of yours since you can remember. You’ve worked in medical jobs at hospitals and clinics, but you’re currently looking for something that has a different feel and environment. Here are some benefits of working home health care jobs you might consider when looking for a new job. Schedules are flexible. You can work part time or full ti…Read More

  6. Post-Surgery Home Health Care in Greensboro

    If you've just undergone major surgery, you could be facing a lengthy recovery time where bathing, eating, dressing, and other activities of daily living could be a challenge. At Mission Medstaff, we've provided post-surgery care for many Greensboro residents and our home health care is designed to help you recover safely and successfully, while also helping you regain your independence and return…Read More

  7. Find Home Health Care Jobs in Winston-Salem

    Choosing a career in healthcare is a serious commitment and is born out of the desire to help people live a better life, no matter their age. At Mission Medstaff, we love connecting people with home health care jobs in the Winston-Salem area, and are always happy to speak with registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs) looking to advance their ca…Read More

  8. Compassionate Home Health Care in Charlotte

    Coming home after a major surgery or spending time in the hospital due to illness can be a difficult transition for some. Remembering to take medication, getting dressed, and bathing can all be challenging tasks, especially for the elderly. At Mission Medstaff, it is our mission to provide compassionate home health care to residents in Charlotte and the surrounding area. We have a dedicated and sk…Read More